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We offer key elements for a successful brand or business such as unique professional Website and personalized Android and iOS Applications.

SSL, free domain and premium hosting (web hosting service), 35O WordPress templates, drag and drop website builder and many other elements are part of our services. Also, our marketing, web design and support teams of experts can provide you with the best solutions for your ideas!

NDime appreciates your time and money!!

Pay with your credit card or paypal!

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Best Website Hosting and Domain Name

Easy WordPress PRO

How to create a professional website?
It is made to be user-friendly and mobile friendly for everyone’s current knowledge, skills, and experience.

One click Professional WordPress + Woocommerce solution with all the tools and necessities which are required in one place for your website and premium hosting. In other words, it’s all wrapped up and ready to use in just one-click!

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Website Builder

Smart Applications

Smart applications are personalized applications suitable for every business.

Application set (Order, User and Driver Application) is perfect for restaurants, bars, and shops. It gives you fast and safe delivery of services with your own branded, recognizable visual identity. Your clients can order a dish or reserve a table in your restaurant or bar in just one click. Also, applications can be personalized in many different ways, depending on your business needs.

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We are always there to support your further development and help you grow!

NDime is a globally unique service which gives you a quick solution in just one click wherever you are!

One-click-leads to multiple advantages. Above all, we value your time and money. Get your own professional website, personalized application and ecommerce store.

We have completely resolved all of the technical parts for you. In that way, we are giving you a stunning chance to focus directly on your plans and goals!

  • SEO and Marketing ready

  • High-Quality Solutions

  • Unique and Creative Web Design

  • Live Support for Website in all Areas

  • Web Hosting Service

  • Customer Service

Another Word for Experience
Website with Hosting

Easy WordPress PRO

Get a complete professional website, with the drag and drop Website builder needed for it to run.
That includes 350 design templates, more than 101 free domain, search engine optimization, SSL certificate and many more.
Always rely on our customer support. That includes online live support for website available to you at any moment with our experts ready to assist you.

We Appreciates Your Money and Time!

Food Delivery APP

How to boost restaurant business?

Our smart Applications offer great opportunity to get your business going in accordance with trends and business needs. Get professional management restaurant software which you can use with Android and iOS applications.

With our Order Application, you can do most of your work online in order to gain internal control system for restaurant. Increase your profit along with the quality of services that you provide.

Also, provide your users with User application. And get Driver application for delivery.


Premium Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Packages include premium shared and dedicated hosting account with c-pannel. You can pick one of 100 free domain extensions. That will make your website great and it will load faster than being on cloud hosting. Dedicated ip treats your website just like you are on dedicated servers, making you more visible in the terms of search engine optimization. Furthermore, you receive an automatically created email account and you get an option of having unlimited email accounts.
Use your PayPal or credit card.

  • Account with C-Pannel

  • Free domains

  • Dedicated IP

  • Unlimited Email Accounts



Get website and hosting, free domain, 350 Premium WordPress Templates, Easy to Use Drag and Drop Website Builder, Web hosting, 100% SEO ready-made, Search Engine Optimization, customer support and many key WordPress tools in just one-click.


Live chat on skype and highly experienced support. I defy anyone to find a better platform with the built in features and customer service for the same amount

Stephany Hand

Perfect UPtime, Things have never broken on my sites, SSL is included, lot of space, CDN, security is included, then 80 templates, fully custom stuff, great modules... Just great stuff, needless to add anything additional.

Arne Schlosser

Nearly bug free, customer service is superb, uptime is nearly 100%, and they've got pretty fast load times + CDN is enabled.

Robb Johns

6 different stores. No issues what so ever. Best customer service I have ever experienced

Nick Harvey

Easy WordPress Pro system can realy be simple and great used. This is packed to be mind-blowing. This is my game changer, thank you!

Elis Eriksson

I have been using it for a month now - which is the start-up period for me, and the customer service has helped me out with every question I had. They walk you through everything you need to know and are so kind. The platform is easy to figure out and have really nice and simple functions. Design-wise, there is not really that many things to choose from - BUT the designs you can choose is simple and nice.

Kay van de Berg

I've used few platform for my eCommerce business until now, but non of them showed good as this one. NDime is no doubts the best of existing on the market these days. Modern design, tons of features, templates and modules and excellent customer service.

Mohamed B. Kharrubi

I have been building a new stores with WordPress pro for the last week and look forward to hosting my products on this platform. So far so good! Will keep you updated

Olga Kvam

I have zero skills in programing, but tutorials helped me out. Pure logic, you can find your self it. Every good start can be hard. But once it's setup and you fix the little things, it really looks professional.

Gert Bjerrum

Stunning support! They are happy to resolve any site issues with screen shots and even little videos of how to resolve an issue. Yes it would be good to have live chat or a help number.....but then I've found those to be hopeless with other companies... Definitely, this is a good choice.

Joshua Koret

You get what you paid for! Awesome themes, but yet, you can still customize them. Lot of good looking modules to increase sale. 60 years old but still learning, never give up! Guys that doing skype support are just awsome, anytime there when you need them.

Carolina Bode

I can say that it has a really good number of different features, design templates, and no bugs so far. There are of course some minor suggestion i have for them, but this is not too critical and never gave me a headache. So if you want to build something unique and awesome, this would be a great choice. Its never too late to have a successful online store!

Andrew Allen

Stable, fast and secure! All in all I love it... Price..? Please, offer from time to time some discount coupons! however for the stability and user friendliness we pay it.

Alonso Marrero

Easy and simple to use! So many payment gateways! Well, guess all I need not is to reach new clients to pay out my investment! Hopefully, it would not take long!

Nelson Doyle

As someone who doesn't "do tech" I managed to set up website optimise for google and use lot of provided modules. All pretty straight forward and user friendly. Would be great if they had a few more details regarding uses and set up for those of us like me who struggle with technology. In general, i vote for more tutorials!

Jørn Torp

Premium support services

NDime creators made it possible for you to build an absolutely perfect website on your own. In case that you have any questions or issues, we have included the premium appointment support services. There you can have a live chat with our experts in the fields of development, design, and marketing. Not only that, you can also hire a virtual assistant!

Speak with an Expert

Premium appointment support is online chat customer support with our experts. They are here to provide you with assistance that you need related to the development, design, and marketing.

Customer Support

Customer support team will be more than happy to assist you and provide you with live step-by-step guidance. Most noteworthy, you get screenshots that show how to resolve your issue!

Hire a Virtual Assistant

You can hire a Virtual sssistant so that he/she runs your website at any time.
Assistant can do for you all sort of actions that range from administrative and technical things to creative tasks.

Assistance Service

How to solve?
NDime Additional Assistance Services are perfect for getting things done in an effective way. Our Assitance team is here for you, taking care of all of your needs. Social network integration or setting up Google products and services will be done quickly.
Our experts take care of Search engine optimization for you and getting your site indexed on Google. Also, there is a reliable, fast and responsible Virtual Assistant who can manage administrative and all the other tasks. If you already have a website and you need a solution for any technical or other issues, feel free to contact us and it will be fixed!

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Website Assistance

  • Google Services

  • Social Networks Registration

Design Services

  • Graphics Add Ons

  • Web Banner

  • 15 Banners Package

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Style Guide

The truth about looking good!
Every Website and Brand need unique and memorable look. Quality design provides a great visual identity which is important component. NDime team of designers offer you some additional design services. Whether you need promotion materials, personalized logo, branding of your website or product, banners or a whole design, we can provide you with it. Try it out !

Professional Restaurant System Solution

Thanks to the development of our Managment Restaurant Software , all processes can be done by using a single click.

NDime Restaurant System Solution is designed for restaurants and every type of food service. The main feature is virtual automation of every food business, from the menu to the restaurant management. It can effectively manage orders, tables, and staff scheduling.

Also, our Online Restaurant System includes administration of your chain restaurants by the head office. The software can be accessed from smart devices, anytime, anywhere!

Online Restaurant System









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